What Are Hyper-casual Games And What Makes Them Different

Techy Mau
3 min readApr 28, 2021


In the past 2 decades, we have seen tremendous growth in the genre of Hyper- Casual games. They have booked their place on the top of the Google play store and APP store. Many Game Development Companies have tried their luck with the Hyper-Casual game to get a high ROI. Even big companies like Voodoo and Ketchapp have launched around 110+ games in the past 2 years. With the help of these casual games, many companies have grown up very instantly.

But, still, with this popularity, many of the common citizens are unaware of the definition of the Hyper-Casual Games and what makes them so engaging and loving in all the types of age group. Well, if you are also one of those then you are at the right place. In this article, we have brought you the information regarding the Hyper-Casual games

What is Hyper-Casual Type:

Hyper-Casual games are those game types that are easy to play for everyone. This game doesn’t focus on any particular age group. These games are very easy to understand by everyone and also require a minimal user interface. These are those game types that can be played easily just after installing and without the help of any tutorial. These game types are the best example of simplicity. As the designs are very simple and also it does not require any hard code coding or functionality. If we talk about monetization then the game integrates Ads in it to generate money from that.


This game type gained popularity in the year 2017. The first hyper-casual game which was famous from this genre was “Flappy Bird.” whose ROI was around $50,000 a day. That was even more than expected. Kwalee, Ketchup, and Woodoo were the most famous game companies in terms of hyper game development. In the year 2016 Ubisoft bought Ketchapp and in the year 2017 Woodoo got the investment of around $200 Million. So this is how hyper-casual companies gain popularity and audiences from all over the world.

This was all about the definition of the Hyper-Casual games and their history but still, we are wondering what makes them different from other games and what is so good about them, and why everyone loves it.?

Hyper-Casual Game Uniqueness

“If You Need A Break. Play Our Games”

Less Time Frame

This would be the perfect fit to define the engagement of a hyper-casual game. If you are worried about your daily life and looking for a break for around 10–15 min. Then this would be the best choice for that. Like other games, these types of games do not involve a mission or targets to achieve within a time frame of 1 or 2 hours. These games are easy to play and also a bit addictive. This game has made up such a mechanism that is consistent throughout the whole game play and involves people in such a way that people need to be more attentive because the game gets tougher.

Engagement with levels

Despite the ease, the hyper-casual games are not that easy to master. As the game has simple functionality so the player becomes more comfortable with the game mechanics, but the game play becomes more challenging and hard to clear.

Auto-Generated Script

In such game play, the role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is very important. As this type of game has infinite stages so generally the developers use the AI Scripts in the code which auto-generates the new levels in the game with more difficulty and new challenges. Many famous games like Angry-Bird, Temple Run, The Howitzer, Candy Crush are based on this concept and these are the games that are ruling the gaming industry till now.

Easy to Develop

These types of games do not involve any functionality or that much design. So it does not involve that hardcore coding and developing this kind of game are a bit easy. It just requires knowledge of AI and a bit of 2D design. It also gives you the best ROI on less investment.


The Hyper-Casual game has grown with the growth in mobile gaming. But also it brings the competition and mass in the market. Many of the Game Development companies like Techy Mau Game Studios are working and researching deeper to stand out in the market and deliver the best and most appealing game to contribute to the gaming industry. The Hyper-Casual games have opened new ways for game developers and brought new hopes to small and mid-scale game development companies. So let’s hope and see what else this gaming industry has to surprise us.