Unity 3D Vs. Unreal Engine Guild to Choose The Best Game Engine

Techy Mau
4 min readApr 20, 2021

Whenever we talk about developing a game, choosing the best and most suitable Game Development Engine is the biggest hurdle to pass on. Both the games are best in their game genre. Many of the famous games like Angry Bird and Subway Surfer have been developed on Unity and Fortnite Game was developed on the Game Engine Unreal. It seems like a war in our imaginary world while choosing the right one for game development. Many Game Development Companies and Game developers are using both the game engines on their preferences, and both of the game engines are capturing the market rapidly.

Even while learning Game Development every student or person gets confused in between Unity and Unreal. So we have brought you the best guide to select the best game development engines based on your requirement. And hopefully, at the end of the article, you will get your final game engine with what you want to continue further.

What’s your plan?

Before we let the war begin between Unity and Unreal, it is very important to choose our game genre, like what type of game you are looking to build. Here game types are referring to 2D and 3D or 2.5D. If you are a new learner or whether you want to keep your game a bit simple at the initial period and also want to make it engaging like a Puzzle or Simple Shooting Game, or want to develop a game just for hobby and want to launch it, that you need to decide at the before selecting your game engines.

So here are the factors which will help you select the right engine for you.

Popularity or Industry Usage:

“A star doesn’t need words to tell the world what it does; it just shines.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

This quote explains the motto of the topic in a pretty good way, like many of the new learners or game developers believed to choose what is most famous amongst professionals. But here Unity and Unreal both games are famous in their genre. And mostly used by developers and game development companies.

Unity is one of the most popular game engines for Mobile game developers as it supports the android and iOS platforms very well. The Ori and the Blind Forest game which is one of my favorite games is developed on Unity.

But in terms of the Video Game Industry or PC games Unreal is more famous than Unity. The games like Fortnite, Arizona Derby, Sea of Thieves, have been developed on Unreal.

Online Presence:

Online Presence is an important aspect of the engine or we can call it a community. Both of the engines have captured the market pretty well, and have made their forums, youtube channels, and many more. Unite is the yearly game developer convention for Unity. In which most of the game developers teach the use of Unity game engines. On the other hand, Epic games have captured the online presence very well with live tutorials.

Coding Language:

“The coding is the only thing which can convert your imagination into reality”

Imagination is the brain of game development. The game development industry works on how good you are in generating new and entertaining ideas and its game so everything is possible in that. If you are also a good imaginative person and want to pursue your career in Game development then must learn coding in respective languages for the game engine.

In Unity, you need to code in C# language and in Unreal it works with C++. Usually, C++ is considered a more difficult language to code, although the Unreal engine has Blueprints, an integrated Visual scripter that allows users to create nodes and connect them to develop logic in your game.

Asset Store:

The most important factor in selecting a game engine is its asset stores. Unity and Unreal both game engines have their individual and unique asset stores. In their asset stores, you can get ready to use models, characters and textures, and the environment. Many of the game development companies have developed their games environment and scenes by the use of this asset store. But Unity gets a lead here as it has GUI and animation, it has options for AI Controls through GUI generators. It also supports the creation of RPGs. So in terms of assets, store unity is better.

Platform Support:

If you are looking to develop your own game so must choose the platform on which you want to launch the game. The platform and downloads are directly proportional to each other. Like the more your platform would be, your game downloads would be there. Unreal supports iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac OS, HTML5, even Xbox, and PS4. On the other hand, Unity 3D supports Android, iOS, Windows, Android TV, Xbox One and 360, Web Player, WebGL, VR, Linux, Playstation VITA, SteamOS, Tizen, Windows Phone 8.

It also clears that Unity Supports more platforms than Unreal.


Again we are at the initial question after knowing all the pros and cons of game development and game engine, what game engine is best? Well, it depends on your need and the type of game you’re developing. Like if you are developing a game for PC then must choose Unreal and if you are looking for mobile games and must go for Unity.

Along with this if you are a new learner and at the initial stage of the game development then unity is the best for learning simple games, and if your game requires better graphical performance then you can go for unreal. But still, we want you to try both the tutorials or the game engines before making any decision. Also just don’t believe in the stereotype that there is a term called “Best Game Engine” it’s just there is one game engine you are more comfortable with. Whether it’s Unity or Unreal, whenever you try to code, there will be just one chance to put your heart into game development so get that chance and impress your audience with your amazing game concept. For more information related to Game Development or willing to published games like Hyper Casual Games, or Casual Games fell free to visit Techy Mau Game Studio.