How to Handle the Pandemic with games!

Techy Mau
4 min readApr 14, 2021


The pandemic COVID-19 is hitting the world hard, everyone has become familiar with the statement from the Darwinian theory of evolution “Survival of the fittest”. In this interconnected world, attenuating the risk and effect of COVID-19 must require efforts from every single citizen of the world. The outbreak in any country or any city puts the whole world at risk. Here the only solution we can see is Self-Isolation. And the only relief in the Self- Isolation is Games. Games are the best way to distract your mind and takes you to your own “RULING KINGDOM”

Game Development Companies are one of the most profitable industries during the hit of CORONAVIRUS.

We should take a look to learn lessons for reacting on COVID-19 second wave. The second wave of COVID-19 is worse and more effective than the first one. Getting affected by COVID-19 is a nightmare for all and struggling to get a bed in the hospital and standing in the long queue to get the cure of this, has horrified the world already. In this century’s biggest pandemic, the best suggestion is to stay at home and take all the necessary precautions. If you are also wondering and finding ideas as to how to tackle the pandemic with games then this article is just for you.

Home Workout: A home workout is an easiest and most effective way to deal with COVID. As we all know that the exercises boost immunity, and make a person healthier and fitter. The more fit you are the more you are safe from amid Covid-19. Also, workout at home is the cheapest and time savior as compared to any gym. In this you also don’t need to purchase anything, just an exercise mat, kettlebell, and resistance band would be enough. So this is the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to stay healthy and boost yourself to fight against the virus with full privacy.

Yoga or Meditation: Yoga is the most ancient discipline form in India, which includes breath control and meditation techniques that ease the anxiety level and release the stress from the body. The second wave of COVID-19 brings the stress along. Everyone is worried and a bit stressed out due to financial losses and downfall in their business. Yoga has one posture and moving on to another posture called “asana” which relaxes your body like nothing else can also improve the breathing in the human body and keeps your lungs healthy which is the most important factor in this pandemic.

Games: Games were one of the most fun-loving activities for the teens, but from the past 2 years the old generation has also started to play some simple games. Games have been the best source of entertainment since ancient times. Games detached you from the world in a better way and let you take a break from the stress and anxiety. Simple and casual games like “The Little Guardian” “The Howitzer”, Ludo, Chess, candy crush have got love from all over the world. These games are not even famous amongst youngsters but even the older generation is liking this. These games will help you to relax your mind and also generate new mental abilities in you. Games will boost confidence in you, relieves stress, makes you feel like a conqueror, and also always entertains you in a new way. There’s no doubt that the games are the best way to deal with COVID-19 and Self-Isolation.

Family Time: Family is one of the most important parts of one’s life. The first need of mankind. This pandemic has taught us the real meaning of having a family. From some past decades, everyone was so busy with their work and social life and the family became the least priority. Now this quarantine has given us a chance to show your family how much you love them. So spend some quality time with them, and make them feel special and wanted cos that is the thing which makes them happy like rather than anything else.

Positivity: In this worst scenario, we all need to be positive and try to be happy. This is the time to remain safe, say no to all the negativity and threats for Covid. Don’t believe in rumors, just stay home and rely on home remedies and home workouts. There are plenty of home remedies that are available online. Drink plenty of water to ignore dehydration, Take Vitamins C and D in a proper quantity and that will help you to fight against viruses. Wash your hands properly for safety. There are no herbal medicines available in the market with evidence that claims that it kills CoronaVirus so do not believe them. Even if you want, consult your doctor before taking this.

We together can fight with the world’s biggest disease while staying at home and yes by playing more and more games. You should remain hydrated and do some healthy activities to be fit and safe from Corona. If you are getting any symptoms like Fever, cough, body pain then must consult a doctor and stay positive and remain Negative in the COVID-19 Test reports, Because a Positive mindset leads you to better ways of life. For more information related to Game Development or willing to published games like Hyper Casual Games, or Casual Games fell free to visit Techy Mau Game Studio.