How playing games leads to a Stress-Free Life!

Techy Mau
4 min readApr 9, 2021


Stress is one of the most common topics in teens and youngsters nowadays. Some of them are worried about their career, some of them are frustrated with their job. And the games turn out to be the best relief for all of them. Even if we talk about the world’s biggest pandemic then Game Development Companies are one most profitable industries.

The best way to deal with Self-isolation is to stay home and play games. Games are something that keeps a person alive. That is something that keeps your mind healthy and a healthy mind leads to a healthy body which is very important during the pandemic. Games are one of the best stress busters. After a hectic and busy day, it’s very appealing to play a game on your mobile phone or on PC where they always implore to win.

Gaming keeps your mind active and engaging which almost distracts your mind from the situation you are in so everyone feels relaxed. And I must say the game development companies have done a commendable job in bringing some new game ideas. The feel of conquering the world or a game will make you believe in yourself again. In the pandemic, many of the online games got their actual boom. Pandemic turned that simple LUDO game, one of the most loving games in the industry. And the best way to deal with self-isolating.

“When people play games they actually have a lot of benefits to our emotional health or social health and our mental well-being,”

In this article, you get a lot of facts which will explain that how Game can lead to a stress-free life

  1. Games allow you to connect with new people in life: In the multiplayer game, you have to play in a team and win or complete the task given in the game. In some games, you can choose your team and in some, they automatically assign you the time. By this, you will get a chance to communicate and play with new strangers with the same passion for games. Also, this kind of game creates a friendly environment to play with others and also helps you to be more social.
  2. Games increase the Confidence Factor in you: Who else doesn’t love to win? Everyone does. So while playing a game everyone has that urge to win and be the “KING of the Game”. And when you win that rejuvenates the feeling or belief in yourself. That win makes you feel that you have done something commendable in life like you have defeated others and came so far, so that is enough to boost the confidence in you.

Brian O’Driscoll“Games bring another level out in you. There is no way you can train to the same intensity when you are playing a game. It is just impossible. Your head won’t allow you to do it. Because the adrenalin of a game and the importance of it steps it up to another level.”

  1. Games exercise the brain very well: In the game, there are a lot of challenges you have to face and need to find a way to escape from those to win. Which keeps your mind engaged and active, also that increases the ability to take quick decisions. Games can make your mind think about hundreds of solutions in a fraction of seconds. So that is the best exercise for your mind above everything else. Puzzles and Quiz games are one of the best examples of it. Like in “The Howitzer” you need to plan your moves in a way that breaks all the boxes in minimum shots. So you need to find out a perfect move and direction to make the boxes fall down.
  2. Games builts in the problem-solving skills in you: Games enhance the problem-solving skills in you. Like in some games you have to use an object to explore the environment to solve the problem or rescue your teammate. These games also teach us resource gathering and planning, in PUBG we first need to collect the weapons and then plan a strategy to kill the other players and have a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. So the more you get involved in the game the more you get your mind fresh and get a way to deal with your stress.
  3. Games are the best source of entertainment: I think this one of the strongest facts that proves that games could be the best stress buster. The gaming industry has ample unique game ideas and concepts to play with. So every time you play a new game you will get to see something new, which will not make you feel bored like other entertainment shows and movies. And that is the fact that the games are the best entertainment source.

Games have benefits of their own to reduce the stress, but it would be even better if we play games for fun not for relieving the stress. To reduce stress I think we need to figure out the source of generating stress and then slowly try to replace them with something other than exercise, meditation, and a morning walk with some fresh air. I think that would help you to keep your mind relaxed and happy and you can play games to enjoy not just using that as a stress buster. For more information related to Game Development or willing to published games like Hyper Casual Games, or Casual Games fell free to visit Techy Mau Game Studio.