Why Games should be a part of your life?

Techy Mau
3 min readApr 23, 2021

Do you know that playing games can make a big difference in your attitude and behavior? It means that Game Development Companies or we can say Game Developers are changing the world for the better. Video games have seen a boom in the past decade, particularly mobile video games. As with the time of Pong, Pacman, The Little Guardian, and Super Mario Bros., we are seeing a massive shift in how people view and interact with games. To be more specific, they are woven into our daily lives whether we realize it or not. They are an integral part of our personal and professional lives.

We live in a world dominated by technology. Before we know it, the technology around us is changing and influencing us –and at a much faster rate. So why shouldn’t that extend to gaming? We all grew up playing games and for most of us, it still brings out that childlike wonder inside us. As kids, we never saw ourselves as being old enough to enjoy a game; now that we are older, games have progressed and been added to with so many elements to keep us hooked on them.

Game is not just entertainment, it’s a serious business and a solution to the so-known problem of “Boredom”. Nowadays the development of games has become more flexible than ever, so you will be able to create everything from simple imitations of well-known games to breathtaking 3D-graphic projects. It is also worth mentioning that gamification can help you as well in establishing a positive image of your brand or product in the eyes of your audience. All that has been invented a long time ago. There are lots of articles about how important gaming is for mankind and how they were inspiring cats to invent computers and other things.

Gaming is more than a fun activity — it also has its benefits. Other than being a fun pastime, gaming also helps children in developing vital life skills like excellent teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Also, board games promote healthy competition and instill in participants self-discipline and focus. Have you ever thought of video gaming as a sport? It won’t be surprising if you say no because most people consider sports as those physical activities that involve various feats of strength or agility. However, the recent developments in gaming technology have made games highly competitive and requiring excellent physical and mental skills.

Games make life a lot more interesting if you play them just one time. Games are designed to enthrall the mind and are not merely for relaxing purposes. There are different kinds of games available in the market depending upon your preference. The best thing about all these games is that you can even make some money out of them if you indeed have got the talent to score well in the game or take part in the game designing process.


Everyone plays some kind of game in their lives, Whether it is Pictionary, Wii, board games, or even Dragon City. So why is there a need for game development companies or game studios like Techy Mau Game Studio? Why should you make games a part of your life?

The reason for the growing popularity of game development is that there is no longer a playground for the young generation. It has now grown into an industry with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Games not only entertain people but also teach them various concepts about life.

If you’re still asking why games are important for your child academically then, you should know that they can greatly help them grow into a life of success if used in the right way.